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I'm ready for some football !!!

  until the Superbowl kickoff.

About Football Junkie

Football Junkie NFL Football Pool has been in operation now since the 1999 NFL season. Each season has seen increased functionality; more and more pools operating and a huge increase in players. Originally developed for the 1999 season, makes Football Junkie NFL Pool one of the oldest football pools on the web. The pool also operated for one season of the XFL, but we won’t talk about that.

Dave Brewster (me) has always been a sports fan and has been involved in football pools for many years. The administration of a football pool can be such a headache that all the fun is taken out of it. As an Information Technology executive, who still likes to understand the technology, what better way to develop an understanding of the internet, web, html and associated technologies than to learn the technology by solving a real life problem.

That real life problem was football pool administration and then came along the birth of Football Junkie NFL Football Pool.