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Administrator Functionality

  • Add new players. An optional confirmation email can be sent to the player.
  • Update Player Profiles.
  • Delete players.
  • Delete inactive players (ie. no picks for a specified number of weeks)
  • Make game picks for any player.
  • Generate report outlining who hasn't entered their picks. Send and email to reminder players of their missing picks with one easy click.
  • Close or reopen the week. Closing the week stops players from entering or changing their picks. It is also used to indicate which games are to be included when calculating reports such as Team Standings.
  • Automatically complete any missing player picks based on the default selection each player has made within their profile. Available options are: "Home Team", "Visiting Teams", "Favorites", "Under Dogs" or "Random".
  • Enter game scores.
  • A Weekly Status Report can be emailed to each player. This email is sent only to players who have selected to received the "Weekly Results Email" within their profile.
  • Point Spread and Automated Email functionality usage is optional. This email is sent only to players to have selected to receive the "Point Spread Email" within their profile.
  • Set the Playoff Status for each NFL team.
  • Automatic Game Score and Schedule Updates
  • Maintain the Administrator password.
  • Maintain the "Welcome Message" displayed before the user logs in.
  • List all player information.
  • List all picks for a given week.
  • List all player logins. List can be sorted by player, or date or host ID.
  • Option to display "Join" button on login screen.
  • Option to display your own logo on each page.
  • Close Football Pool for maintenance.
  • Send an email or logon message to all or selected players.
  • Register the football pool so that any updates, corrections can be issued by author.
  • Many Administrator functions (Close/Open Weeks, Fill Missing Picks, Send Players Pick's Email & others) can be automated by creating Scheduled Tasks on your PC.
  • All Player functionality.

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