Football Junkie Forest City Software

Football Junkie NFL Football Pool

I'm ready for some football !!!

  until the Superbowl kickoff.


I love your pool and enjoy being part of your little army every year. I join a lot of sports pools, but FootBall Junkie is my favourite by far. Maybe I get lucky one of these years.

Having said that, if I ever fail to join, it means I'm dead ... then you can have a little wake in my honour.

Dennis A. (The Viking)

I wanted to say good job with this pool. I have enjoyed having it over the years, and have enjoyed playing it.

Michael (Customer since 2010)

The over all pool look and dependability are great. Always there for us. Love your pool and will be using you as we always have, over and over.

Denis Slack - Slack's Hoagie Shack (Customer since 2006)

I have nothing but praise for your (pools).
Thank you and will see you next year.

Bobby O. (Customer since 2007)

Oh!!! Man!!! The score watch feature is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!. I used it all day Sunday. Having that and NFL REDZONE, man I’m in heaven... Great addition. (Customer since 2009)

The pool is going great, people just love the amount of information and the automation, you are seriously undercharging for this product ;) for a pool our size, I wouldn't be suprised or upset to pay 3 or 4 or even 5 times what you charge for it now.
Rob. (Customer since 2009)

Thank you for your help... I've been running my own pool for about 15 years and did all the cutting and pasting myself each week & as you can imagine it was very time consuming. Of all the pool downloads I've seen online, yours was the most attractive and the closest to what I've been doing in the past. If it is as useful and enjoyable as it looks you will have a new long time customer.
Thanks again. Rick (Customer since 2009)


Just some of the awards we have received over the years.