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I'm ready for some football !!!

  until the Superbowl kickoff.

After 20 NFL seasons, and even one XFL season (remember them), it is now time to retire the Football Junkie software and to hang up my jock strap.

The pool was initially a project for me to learn how to develop web sites and web based applications. If I was to invest the time and energy back in the dark ages of 1999, I might was well make something useful. The initial football pool eliminated hundreds of weekly national and international faxes sent by employees of one of the nation’s airlines.

The pool has developed over the years adding new features – many times suggested by users. I have met (long distance) a wide range of people who used the pool for a number of different reasons. Lots of restaurants, bars and radio stations were to be expected, groups of friends who just have their own little pool, federal government departments, a real estate agent that keep in contact with his clients, to those hard core that live and breathe everything NFL.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support over the years.

I cannot make any suggestions as to who can host your pool for next year.

Good luck and good picking.

Dave. Go Pats.